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Anyone who has paid their debt to society should be allowed to go through life without the stigma of a criminal record following him or her.  Employment opportunities are often lost for qualified applicants who have a criminal history.  I am committed to helping Hoosiers who want to leave their criminal record in the past and move on to a better future.


Legal representation for expungements is provided for a flat fee.  So you know exactly what it will cost up front. 

Fees depend on several factors, including the number of convictions and whether the convictions occurred in multiple counties.


Call for a free quote.



317-639-1326 ext. 114

James E. Porter

50 S. Meridian St. Ste. 505

Indianapolis, IN 46204



Eligible for Expungement

Arrests that did not result in conviction.

Misdemeanors - including DUIs, conversion, disorderly conduct, battery, and many more.

Felonies - including drug possession, drug dealing, theft, burglary, and many more.


News & Publications

Indiana gun rights restored after expungement. See: 

Indiana Court of Appeals determined that Elkhart Superior Court abused its discretion in denying petition to expunge class C felony burglary from 1996:


An expunged criminal case in one county cannot be used to to deny expungement in a different county:

Indiana Court of Appeals reverses trial court and orders expungement, finding that trial court erred in removing necessary language in Order needed to restore firearms rights.

Individuals can petition for expungement only once in their lifetime.  Therefore, it is important to work with an experienced attorney and include all prior offenses in the petition to be filed with the court.

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